EN Japanese Tapas Rebrand

Rebranding the whole restaurant including logo, ipad menu, and website


Brief Intro

EN is a Japanese restaurant located in Santa Clara which is very close to my home, so I often visit it. The food there is delicious, but the menu and their website don't make me feel easy to understand. So I did a rebrand for the restaurant, including logo, posters, e-menu and website.

Design Background

Take a quick look at the original menu and feel

EN restaurant has no e-menu, only paper menu. This paper menu has something peculiarly Japanese, but I think it is not very user-friendly.


Deliver customers delight through user interface design

I still keep the Japanese style while designing, but try to make the menu and website more readable and usable. Getting rid of the clipboard, the paper and writing it down and then having to retype everything in the back office computer is time-consuming and error-prone. Having a super easy to use tablet saves hours, so I decided to design an iPad version menu.

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