Helping people correctly brush teeth and enhance oral health


Brief Intro

OPRO app is designed to work with OPRO electric toothbrush, a professional electric toothbrush created by dentists and designers to help users enhance oral health. When brushing tooth, this toothbrush can help users check their oral health with its built-in sensor, monitor brush pressure and show missed spots. This app helps users brush teeth more correct, record brushing time and quality. This app generates oral reports after each brush, which can be sent to dental experts for consultation.


How to help people better brush teeth and keep oral health?

Brushing our teeth is something we have to do every day, for most people, the basics of good dental hygiene are taught from a very early age and with good reason. According to my research, more than 90% of adults are suffering from oral diseases, simple oral diseases can make teeth (gums, periodontal) inflammation, bleeding, redness and swelling, serious cases will cause tooth loss. So I want to design a product to help users improve oral health, develop good oral cleaning habits, and have a confident smile.


The annoying oral problems

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), approximately 78 percent of all Americans will have at least one cavity by the time they reach age 17. The ADHA also reports that about 80 percent of the U.S. population has some form of gum disease.

How to prevent?

Dentists suggest that to maintain healthy teeth and gumas, people are recommended to brush for at least two munutes, twice per day, floss daily, eat properly and do regular dental check-ups. Educating ourselves about common dental problems and their causes can also go a long way in prevention.

What are people's current brushing habits?

In order to understand people's habit of brushing their teeth, I did some research first and got a general understanding. The Academy of General Dentistry reports that the average person brushes for only 45 to 70 seconds a day. This points toward a widespread problem. The ADHA also reports that 75 percent of Americans use their toothbrushes longer than they should. This can lead to bacterial buildup on the bristles, which can cause potential infections. The ADA recommends that people replace their toothbrushes about every three to four months.

In order to understand the user's current brushing habits to find deep insights, I sent out a questionnaire survey(Google Form)and received 67 replies and conducted 4 user interviews. My questions include: the frequency of brushing every day, the duration, the techniques of brushing teeth, and the area coverage. Here are some of the data I've collected.

📒 Key Takeaways

1. Many people brushed below the recommended 2 minutes range.

2. About harf people thought they've received insufficient education/knowledge about brushing.

3. Most people feel like brushing teeth is a tedious task.

4. Many people seldom see a dentist even when they feel that they have dental problems.


Based on the responses to the questionnaires I received and my one-to-one interviews, I summarized people's performance and thoughts in brushing their teeth and summarized their behavior and habits in brushing their teeth into the following three points.

Design Goals

Let people fully aware of their oral status and maintain a good oral care habit

After finding the users' insights of brushing teeth, I reset the scope of my product. In addition to giving users a more comprehensive understanding of their oral conditions, I hope this product can also help users brush their teeth correctly, and give users more comprehensive guidance in terms of brushing time, brushing skills, brushing area, etc.


Mind map for problem solving

Before I started designing this product, I made a quick brainstorming with the pen and paper I had at hand. I wrote down my initial thought of the function of the product, the target users, how to use it and the general visual design.


Cleaner, more precise, more professional → More confident

A professional toothbrush with the use of app, to give users more professional oral care. Correct users' Improperly brushing habits, help users brush teeth more efficiently and accurately, make it more simple and easy to maintain oral health.

Design Process


Sketch to mid-fi prototype

With userflow, I quickly drew a simple wireframe on the paper, determined the content and layout of each page. After a simple low-fi test with two people, I completed the design process from low-fi to mid-fi.

Usability Testing

Improved from users' feedback

I made a prototype of the app with InVision and presented it to the participants and set two tasks for users to complete: 1. Brush your teeth for 3 minutes with this app, check the brushing report and find a doctor to consult; 2. Reset the brushing time and turn on the notification. According to the user's performance and feedback, I made some improvements from the mid-fi prototype.


Finalized Design

Branding Guide

Professional, refreshing, simple and intuitive

I think making moodboard is very necessary for the whole visual design. First of all, I choose blue as the main color of this app from my picked pictures. Blue gives people a professional and clean feeling. In addition to blue, I choose a light green which will make users feel refreshed.


Design based on usage scenario

At the beginning, I didn't think much of the user's usage scenario. Users use this product when brushing their teeth, their eyes may be far away from the smartphone, or their hands may be too wet to touch the phone. These points that I missed making my initial design unsuitable for the users who are brushing their teeth. In the future design, I will focus more on the use of scenarios, do more research, and strive to design products more user-friendly.

Escape from comfort zone and always TRY

I didn't intend to draw a set of icons at first because I wanted to use the previous ones. But after several rounds of trying, I found that the styles of my previous set didn't match the app very well. So I spent two hours redesign the icon of the app. It didn't take much time, but the result was ideal. The page of the app seemed to be much more coordinated. So in the future, I'll let myself dare to try different solutions.

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