Providing a professional forum for it’s community members


Brief Intro

HashBee is a blockchain community platform created by a small startup team interested in bridging the gap between serious investors and technical blockchain enthusiasts. With Hashbee, investors have more comprehensive and effective information to make investment decisions and get support from blockchain experts in the community. The purpose of this project is to improve how the existing information section is presented on HashBee and provide an amazing user experience for it’s community members.

Problem Definition

It's hard for investors to find sufficient information on a single platform

Although there are various large-scale forum platforms available, many blockchain professional investors and technicians have shared their dissatisfaction consuming the content on these forums. Because the content is complex and the forums are disorganized, users have been forced to waste more time than they’re willing to, filtering through useless information.


How can we design a professional forum that met the diverse needs of HashBee's users?


Who are HashBee’s Target users?

To solve this challenge, we first learn more about HashBee's users and products.

HashBee's target users are "serious investors". This category of users is very diverse. Serious investors gather information to better understand the technology and make investment decisions about blockchain. They fall into one of two of the following major categories:

What are the needs and pain points of users?

We conducted user tests on eight target users. The testers included both non-technical blockchain investors and technical blockchain investors.

Main focus of questions:

1. Does the user have a great need for forums?

2. What are the pain points while using other forums currently available?

3. What information and features are users looking for when using an online blockchain community?


Sketch out the target users


Organize the information into a matrix


Synthesis findings to insights

Through user research, we found that both the blockchain investors and the technical personas expect similar things from a blockchain community. They both hope to efficiently consume useful information on the community and follow industries trends. They also value connecting and communicating with like minded users. Therefore, for the design of the community, will be based on the principles of Professionalism, Efficiency, and Connectedness. Here is a detailed conceptualization of key insights.

Interface Design

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